At Hollinswood Primary School & Nursery we aim to develop every child’s skills, knowledge and attitudes in order for them to become confident, independent and inspired learners.

We encourage the children to have high expectations and to contribute towards, reflect on and shape their role as learners - in addition to being responsible members of the school, the local and the wider community.

Through a context rich curriculum that goes beyond the school walls, children are given the confidence to aim high and to be the very best that they can be.

We see excellence in teaching and a love of learning as the key to succeeding in life. In a supportive, positive and caring environment our teachers and our learners are fully committed, focused on the task ahead, passionate in overcoming obstacles and alive for a challenge.

At the heart of our vision are our values.  These are: being respectful, being resourceful, being resilient and being responsible.  For more on these, click here.

Planning for the Future

Hollinswood Primary School & Nursery is a very good school. The school has a strong inclusive ethos secured across three phases (and two buildings) embedded in high expectations, where even the most challenging and vulnerable pupils behave well and enjoy their learning. Those who are newly arrived to the country are welcomed and provided with support which enables them to quickly flourish.

As a team of staff, governors, parents and children we reflect on our strengths and successes and consider how we should build on them, providing us with additional focus and direction. This contributes to our vision for the school. We know that:

  1. We are all proud of our school and of our achievements. We are proud to be a good school and recognise the hard work that has led us to that status.
  2. We are on track to be an outstanding school, recognising that some of what we do may already be deemed outstanding and need to plan, understand and aspire accordingly.
  3. We want to have a greater focus on our school community in terms of its history, our place in it and how we contribute to its present and future.
  4. We want to celebrate our increasing multicultural nature, welcoming and supporting all who join our school and ensuring that all school members thrive and progress further.
  5. We want the outdoors, sport and music to continue to be at the heart of what we do. Our vision of having a context rich curriculum that goes beyond the school walls is to be maintained and developed.
  6. We want to develop our curriculum further and through strong subject leadership ensure that the subjects are taught to a high standard and that all pupils are excited and engaged.

We plan to ensure that the points above are developed in a robust and measured way through our Raising Achievement Plan. This is based on our findings of how teaching and learning is carried out across the three phases, within the current Ofsted framework.


Glenn Atkinson