Please see our Admissions Policy for full information or contact the school for specific enquiries.

Our Admissions Authority, Telford and Wrekin Council coordinates our school admissions. Please click on the link below to access the Telford and Wrekin Council Admissions webpage.

The school admissions website page contains lots of information around school admissions, together with a link of how to apply. Note to apply for a school place you will need to create a "My Telford" account or log into you existing account.

Detailed step by step instructions on how to apply for any school place can be found here.

If parents do not have access to a computer please contact the school to arrange an appointment to use the schools computer facilities or alternatively visit a local library to use their computer facilities.

If you are experiencing problems with signing into your "My Telford" Account please contact

However, If you are having problems with the application itself or have any other queries please email the School Admissions Team on


The application process will begin around twelve months before your child is eligible to start school.


1 September 2016 - 31 August 2017 October 2020 - 15 January 2021 September 2021
1 September 2017 - 31 August 2018 October 2021 - 15 January 2022 September 2022
1 September 2018 - 31 August 2019 October 2022 - 15 January 2023 September 2023


If your child was born between 1 September 2016 - 31 August 2017 you must apply for a Reception place in a primary school or infant school for the academic year 2021/22.

An introduction to Primary Education for Parents, including full details of the arrangements for admissions can be found here.

School Admissions Information Booklet - 2021/2022


Some important dates for applying for school places are as follows:

If your child was born between 1 September 2009  31 August 2010 you must apply for a Secondary School place for the academic year 2021/22.

Before you complete your application please refer to the School Admissions Information Booklet 2021/22 and School Admissions Mythbuster.


Admission to Other Year Groups –

For admission to all other year groups, the school will admit children up to the class number limit, after which the class will be deemed full. The school has a Published Admission Number (PAN) of 60 places for each year group. All requests for places must be applied to Telford and Wrekin Council Admissions. See above for the application process.

 For In-Year Transfer/Admissions (i.e. not starting September), please refer to the following guidance notes.

School Admissions In-Year Transfer Guidance Notes.


Moving to Telford -

If you are moving into the Borough and you fall into the category of vulnerable learner or key worker and may require assistance regarding a school place in terms of child care please email

For information on the update on the school admission appeals - please click here - New Government Guidance

Please contact legal and democratic email if you wish to receive further advice


Starting School (Yr Reception) –

All requests for Reception children (four and five year olds) places are coordinated by the LA. Parents of children entering Reception will have to submit their Primary School Preference Form through the Admissions website. The application form allows you to select a first and second choice Primary School for your child. Allocations are made by the Local Authority and parents are informed during the Spring term. The LA determines the allocation of Reception places based on factors such as children in care, children with brothers and sisters already in school and children with the shortest walking route to school. More details are available from school or the LA.

Ensuring a successful start to school is a partnership between parents, pre-schools, schools and the Local Authority. All children must, by law, receive full-time education from the start of the term after their fifth birthday.

All children are entitled to start in a Reception class in the September after their 4th birthday. Children do not have to start school in September if it is felt that they are not ready. Parents will also have the opportunity for their child to remain in nursery provision until the beginning of the spring (January) or summer (April) terms in the year in which they are due to start in the Reception class. It will, however, be necessary for parents to confirm their preferred start date in the Reception class in advance, when they receive their allocated school place from the Admissions Team.

However, the statutory school age, by which a child must start school, will remain as the beginning of the term after their 5th birthday. For some children this could mean that they do not reach the statutory age for starting school until the September after their 5th birthday. Parents should be aware that if they choose to delay a child’s entry to school until the following September, the child would go straight into Year 1 rather than Reception. A Reception place cannot be held open for the whole school year and a family would have to reapply for a Year 1 place; the year group may already be full. Infant/Primary schools are only registered to admit children from September after their 4th birthday.

Letters from the school regarding Yr Reception arrangements for September will be sent out in June.


Nursery Admissions –

The school has it’s own policy for Nursery Admissions. This policy can be found in the Parents and Carers menu of the website under Polices.

We offer a morning session, afternoon session or the 30 hours session for eligible children.

To apply for a place at our nursery, please pop into the school office to complete a registration form or alternatively complete and return the following form to

Nursery Registration Form